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Phonin' This One In…

Because It's Midnite (Sloshy version)…

Coach Z & Peacey P Rap Song…
Coach Z & Peacey P Rap Song v2…

Important Rap Song…

Fish Eye Lens…

It's like it was meant to be…

The System is Down…

Moving Very Slowly…

Trogdor v2 + Everybody to the Limit…

Secret Song…
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The 20th anniversary show for is tomorrow!

So I'm wondering, anyone of my fellow watchers who gets to go?
...Or in other words, anyone who lives in Georgia?

P.S., Also maybe you guys can viderotape it or something?
And maybe I'd owe you a lifetime supply of really-appreciate-its?
Eh? Eh?

Your devpal, Dee Bee. ;)
Just in case you guys haven't seen this.
So AndyofIndiana asked me,
"The most recent Homestar Runner cartoon is a new Marzipan's Answering Machine installment.  So many of the jokes in that half-hour seem to be deconstructions of past Homestar Runner jokes.  Do you think this will be the official final Homestar Runner cartoon?"

And of course my answer is,
"I seriously doubt this is the Grand Finale.  The reason it's a half hour long is because it's mostly voicework, which is easy to do without having to animate stuff.
This toon seems more to me like it's making fun of how next to nothing has happened with H*R over the past few years, and it's a way to catch up on what the characters have been up to during this hiatus. 
And the only reason I think the hiatus is still going on is because TBC are busy with stuff like commissions from Disney and other companies.
Sure, H*R toons have slowed to a trickle, but there's no confirms that it's officially dead and done."

But I still think it's one of several questions worth sharing.
And I have to ask people, what's your opinion on this deal?

What would a final episode of look like?
Will the cartoons ever officially come to an end?
Or will they just stop one day and that's it?
Is it only a matter of time before the Chap bros get back on track?
Or will they be stuck with stuff like Two More Eggs for the rest of their lives?
So this is kind of all the sudden and stuff but yeah.
I hear news that Wander Over Yonder is being canceled after season 2 ends in June.
I haven't talked about the show much before, but with this coming up and me just now hearing about this I think it's important to let any fans know, in case you guys wanna help out with this problem.
I mean, I dunno if this can be stopped, but it's worth a shot, so here's a link to a petition I went to.…

But honestly if you ask me, what needs to happen is that Disney Channel, or Disney XD, or whatever it's called nowadays, needs to get rid of its crappy policy on how long a show is allowed to run.  When shows turn out to be good, they should be allowed to go for as long as they need to.  They shouldn't be subject to the same treatment as a bad show.
I think what needs to happen is that cartoon creators need to stop pitching their ideas to Disney for a while.  You know, boycott them until they change their retarded system to something more reasonable.  Stop giving them fuel that they're just gonna take for granted and throw away like they're nothing.  For now these creators shouldn't waste their time giving their good ideas to Disney XD just to have them cut short before they get to run their full intended course.  That's just dumb.

D.B. out.
cuz my mind make go slpoded…

If you’re playing as a heavyweight, take a shot.
If it’s Morton, take another shot.

If you’re racing on any track from the latest DLC pack, take a shot.

If you’re racing on any N64 track, take a shot.

If you’re racing on any form of Rainbow Road, take a shot.

If you screw up the start boost and your engine blows up, take a shot.

If you trail your banana, shell, etc. behind your vehicle out of instinct as you’re approaching another item box, and crying a little bit on the inside, because deep down you wish so much that you could carry two different items at once, like how it was with games before MK8 came around, take a shot.

Count the number of coins you get from item boxes during a race.  For every ten coin items you get, take a shot.
    Or just skip this one, if you actually want to live.  Seriously.

If you go for any coins that are on the OUTSIDE of a curve, take a shot.

If you run into a banana because it looked like a coin from far away, take a shot.

If a single hit from anything drops you at least 6 places down, take a shot.

If you get hit by anything right at a gap jump or gliding section and you to fall into the abyss, take a shot.

If you get hit by anything when you're a short length away from the finish line, take a shot.

If you fall into a pit and Lakitu puts you back where you started rather than on the other side, like a MORON, take a shot.

If getting hit by any item causes you to miss a booster pad, take a shot.

If you use a mushroom right after getting hit by anything, take a shot.

If you quickly get rid of your mushrooms right before you pass by another set of boxes so you can hopefully grab an item that actually does something, take a shot.

If you miss getting an item box, take a shot.

Anytime you get a Super Horn and you’re NOT in first, take a shot.

When you get a Super Horn AFTER getting creamed by a blue shell, take a shot.

If your piranha plant doesn’t help you to pass anyone AT ALL, take a shot.

If you have a Crazy 8 and the first thing you use is the star or red shell, take a shot.

If another racer steals the star from your Crazy 8, take a shot.

If your fire flower hits absolutely no one, take a shot.

When you get hit by a green shell that someone threw from two laps ago, take a shot.

Whenever a buttload of shells and at least one boomerang are in the same room together, take a shot.

When your red shell commits suicide by running into a wall, a sitting banana, or something stupid like that which never happens with COMs, take a shot.

If someone’s blooper ink actually does make you screw up for once, then you’ve been playing this drinking game WAY too long.  Also, take a shot.

Anytime the racer in front of and/or behind you gets the exact same item as you do, take a shot.

When a racer in front of you gets a drastically better item than you, take a shot.

If lightning strikes as you are using a mushroom shortcut, or are about to, take a shot.

If lightning strikes while you have a shell, and the shell decides to hop in front of your path, causing you to tumble right after your spinout, take a shot.

Anytime you get triple reds and then get blown up by a bomb or fire flower or struck by lightning very soon after, bottom line being the thing is totally wasted, take a shot.

Anytime you put a banana on the edge of a ramp, take a shot.

Anytime you put a banana in a tight space, take a shot.

Anytime you put a banana on the inside of a curve, take a shot.

Anytime you put a banana next to another banana, take a shot.

Anytime you go for a whole lap or two with nothing but a single banana, take a shot.

When a bullet bill is being followed by another bullet bill, take a shot.

If you get a lightning and you hold on to it for any longer than 2 seconds under any circumstances, take a shot.

If you lose your lightning after getting struck by someone else’s lightning (Really, that actually happens! NO ONE IS SAFE!!), take a shot.

If you run into a shell, as opposed to one running into you, take a shot.

If you have a red shell or three and any racer SLAMS ON THE BRAKES to let you pass so that you’ll go off to slaughter someone else instead of them, take a shot.

If you have a star or bullet bill and you look at the gamepad to see if anyone has a lightning, take a shot.

If you’re close to last place and all the game gives you is a mushroom or banana, take a shot.
    If it’s coins, take another shot.  Or hang yourself.  That works too.

If a blue shell comes for you at the VERY SECOND you get in first, take a shot.

If you get caught in another racer’s kamikaze blue shell explosion, take a shot.

If you get hit by a red shell right after a blue shell, take a shot.

If you get hit by a blue or red shell right after a lightning, take a shot.

If the blue shell hits you when you’re clearly NOT in first, take a shot.

If another racer gets triple red shells, hits you, stops to hit you again, stays to hit you one more time, and drives off with a bullet bill on the next item box, might as well down the whole bottle.  Then break the bottle.  Then find out where the f***er lives, break into their house, stab them to death with the shards of the broken bottle, and use the parts of the corpse to make red shells of your own.  Also, take a shot.

If you wait for the time between races to take shots, take a shot.

Okay, I need to write about this because some thousand people are bombarding me with requests with no idea about the pattern I'm going with in a particular sector of my keyblade arsenal, those being the Dreamworks/Don Bluth/Warner Bros/Miyazaki/Other-not-animated-by-Disney KB stuff.  Some people take a look, they get all stoked, and they're like, 'ooh do digiMon and couragethe cowardly doge and frekazoyd and xiaolin xowdown and ghostbutters or ill die plzplzplz!!!!!!1!'

And I'm like :facepalm:

I get sick of saying no.
I say no, not because I don't like whatever the show is.  It's because they're not FILMS.  The difference?  With films, it takes about 2 hours to gather ideas for a KB, and for shows I would need several episodes watched, and maybe a whole season or two just to play it safe, adding up to 10-20 hours.  Barely worth it.
Plus, while there are lots of films, there are like ten times as many shows.  I don't even have to do the math.

So yeah, for these reasons, I can't accept requests based on shows on cartoon network or nick or whatever.
I have done a couple though, I just need to be much more selective of shows that I do KBs for, and I do them for different reasons.
For example, I made Reaper Knight, a KB for Batman TAS, because soon after I made the Lego Movie KB Master Builder, I got to thinking, well if S D & G are gonna run into a lego Batman, they should probably know about real Batman first, and who better than the TAS Batman?
There's also Buffer Buster, my special Thomas KB, which I made for pairing up with I-Think-I-Can, and also I'll admit I'm kind of biased because the ol' #1 blue is one of my childhood heroes AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT, SUCKERS!

Anyway.  Point is I only do whatever not-Disney tv shows I feel like if I'm up to it.  It also helps if they have a movie to go with them (Lookin at you, Transformers 1986.)

Besides, I'm saving the trouble for an arsenal of ARE-made-by-Disney Shows.  Y'know, Gravity Falls, Gargoyles, Wander over Yonder, Ducktales, Recess, blahblahblah, and all that coming you way but those are for another day.

And really I'm just doing all this keyblade stuff because I'm waiting for my buzz to kick back into gear again.

Till then I'm stuck with Little Nemo, Paranorman, American Tail, Watership Down, Nausicaa, not in any particular order, keep your pants on people, uugh, the list keeps piling up, ratsa fratsa ratsa fratsa...
Is it just me or is really hard to get into latley?  I can't be the only one here!  I try to go to the dang place and it takes forever to load up, and sometimes it gives me the ol' classic "this page can't be displayed" routine.  Which loosely translates to "waah, I don't feel like it."  Everybody knows that.
Ah oh well.  I can always go for a fast food wifi or a college computer lab or something like that.
Oh yeah, and I'm also not dead.  Just thought I clear that up.  Now give me five.
  • Listening to: brotherinajar
  • Reading: a waffle
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  • Playing: bed-axe
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  • Drinking: ice
Aaah, I remember this classic.

But personally, if I were lookin' at a thing in a bag, it's gotta be something besides... well, the bottom of the freakin' bag.

And so that begs the question.  What would this thing have to be?
Of course it'd have to satisfy the following criteria:
(1: It's friggin' awesome.
(2: It's friggin' awesome to look at.
(3: It's friggin' awesome to look at in a bag.

All I've thought of so far is stuff like, I dunno, a baby rattlesnake, a 200-year-old mold, or a picture of Homestar's mom (but that sounds pretty creepy and I might go to jail)...
YOWZA! Guess who's the new owner of the cloughb.

Now who's ready to bring this ol' place back on the road-dot-com?
I mean really, just 82 members right now?  What's up with that...?
Lemme bring it down for you like this.
If you had to pick a way to go, would you choose to be run over by a fork driving a racecar, get drop-kicked by a dinosaur, throw yourself down a kitchen garbage disposal, be eaten by a seaworthy bass guitar, or maybe som'n' else?

In other words.
Out of the entire TGS saga, what is the BEST DEATH EVAH?  (Actually making sense need not apply, natch.)
I think I'm gonna do some asking of questions about the peoples' take on the H-star-R. 
So for this one, what is best/funniest/weirdest/what-the-crap-did-I-just-hear-iest word or phrase that H*R has made up in the history of... well, since last decade?

For examplé:
clavicus majorus
hot pooey

Anything Coach Z/Senor Cardgage/Homsar has said, ever.

...or something like that.
Give a mention of your own favorites in the comments below!

Or maybe don't.
Or do.
I'm-a go finish my cup o' Hot Jones.

Oh.  That's good Jones.
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  • Listening to: Deh seestum. Iz doun.
  • Reading: The Strong Sad Wets Yonder Bed
  • Watching: Dartmouth
  • Playing: Hide n' Seek. Or more like just Hide n'.
  • Eating: Grumblecakes
  • Drinking: Soy Sauce (I'M OFF TO THE MOOOON!!)
Doom. Doom. Doom. Doom. Doom. Doom. Doom. Doodle-um-doom. Doom. Doom. Doodle-um-doom. Doom. Doom.

So yeah.
I have to ask, who else was stuck in a connection crapout for FOUR DAYS??
Same as last journal, but over here this time. -> homestarrunnerclub.deviantart.…
Hopefully this one won't asplode.
And hopefully they take Pizz points.
Last one in's a freemason.
To whatever weirdos who are concerned with everything Homestar... which includes me too... I'm up here on my journal for the first time ever to bring some important news: THE WORLD IN CRISIS.  But first, here's something much more exciting that hasn't happened for a while. There's a brand spankin' new club on the loose!!  That's right, homestarrunnerfan1 has gone and put on the latest pwawty cloughb right down here on this clicky thing.
We're still looking for someteen members to join, so whether your a deletehead, a spicy crispy chicken melt johnson, an on point king, or a shady missionary, come on down and ask for a good ol' fashion invite.  And get your million punchesintheface!