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March 12, 2011
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Homestarbot Masters by DaBurninator Homestarbot Masters by DaBurninator
The sequel to this:…
The cast of crossed with a number of memorable MegaMan bosses spanning through nearly the entire array of the 8-bit titles. This is going to end with something on fire.

Pom Pom as Bomb Man (MM1)
"Could ya dispense with all the flyin' whozits?!" - Coach Z

One thing that's cool is that these two guys are technically the same color, except the orange and yellow are just switched around! Plus they're shaped like a ball and bounce around the place like one too.

Homestar Runner as Quick Man (MM2)
"Hustle for sports!" - Homestar Runner

The terrific athlete combined with the fastest robot master ever built is definitely for the win, hands down (figure of speech, that is). When Homestar said he looked good in red, he wasn't just saying that!

Strong Mad as Air Man (MM2)

With Strong Mad having this distinct face-on-torso look that's also seen on a number of bosses throughout the MegaMan series, the options for his costume came down to guys like Needle Man from 3, Magma Man from 9, and others, but I eventually went with the one from the game the majority consider the best. Go figure.

the Cheat as Crash Man (MM2)
"First we gotta go straight to plan G!" - Strong Bad

There's like a bajillion reasons this costume fits on the little yellow man like a glove: First of all, the Crash Bombs fit nice and snug with his nubby little arms, plus he likes to use explosives to cheat, hence his namesake. But what really tops it off is the windshield thing like the shaded ones that Blue Laser's henchmen wear. Soon we'll have what we need to crush the cheat megamandos!!

Bubs as Flash Man (MM2)
"I'm a public flasher!" - Bubs

In all seriousness, the above quote is the only reason this cosplay works. That ONE quote, from that ONE episode, said at that ONE time, and somehow it just works. EVEN I DON'T GET IT, BUT IT JUST DOES.

Homsar as Gemini Man (MM3)
"Let's sing a song of Pennzoil!" - Homsar

Well, the blue midget Homestar does tend to warp reality alot, with one example being the ability to duplicate himself... So it figures he's automatically paired up with the robot master that does that double-vision thing. Can you say MINDBLOW?

Coach Z as Ring Man (MM4)
"I squished it! And skewed it! And turned it all uhh... around?" - Coach Z

Out of all the bosses in MegaMan 4, Ring Man was the closest thing to a H*R character that I could match up with, mainly because that gold-edged blue circle decoration thing on the guy's chest looked like Coach Z's trademark badge, minus the Z. To be honest, the fourth game was the only one that I had the most trouble with finding options for a potential crossover. For instance, who would Dust Man or Toad Man go best with??? Now the thought of that gives me the jibblies. To be fair, I tried my best to include at least one boss cosplay from as many games as I could get my hands on, and I was determined to get 4 in there somewhere because I already felt a little bad for having to leave out 7, 8, and 10 just because of the limited number of available characters. I NEED TO STOP SAYING WORDS. Moving on!!

Strong Sad as Charge Man (MM5)
"You gotta get on the train, get on the wood-davers train! Here goes the wood-davers train! It's takin' off! It's a new century!" - Strong Sad

Can you imagine Depressio doing the Charge Kick with cowcatcher soolnds?? Maybe if he was high on caffeine. In fact, I'm pretty sure they were high on caffeine when they came up with the idea for a choo choo robot master. But what the hang, it makes a great fit simply because of how the feet are the most prominent part on both characters.

Strong Bad as Flame Man (MM6)
"When all the land is in ruin, and burnination has foresaken the countryside, only one guy will remain." - Strong Bad

If it weren't for knowing about this boss, I actually would've gone with Strong Bad as Flash Man, and Bubs as... someone else. What makes this guy stick better with the wrestleman is how the two seem to share the same love for PYROTECHNIIIIIIIICS!!! The turban's cool too, it reminds me of Renaldo from Dangeresque.

Marzipan as Splash Woman (MM9)
"Free the baby seals..." - Marzipan

The only girl as... well, the only girl. That's really interesting, apparently MegaMan has the same issue as of not having as many female characters as a number of us would like them to. But whatever, both like karaoke and stuff, and Marzipan seems happy enough that she has an energy pitchfork in place of Carol.

Homeschool Winner as Bond Man (MM?) THAR I FiXD EET NAO LEEV MEH ALONN
"Boy I'd like to clean his clock..." - Some narrator guy

You may or may not know the cosplayer or the cosplayee, but that's what makes this crossover so rich. Both are secret characters, practically easter eggs in their own respective universes, and only the wizzes of both worlds know about the existance of either one.

And finally!

The Announcer as Dr. Wily
"I have no idea who I'm broadcasting to!" - the Announcer

And he's on one of those stinkoman saucer things even. While the Announcer from the storybooks is far from anything close to a mad scientist, the both of them have matching habits of... well, announcing stuff. Apparently due to namesake, the Announcer guy is always pointing out the obvious things in the sporting events that go on in Free Country USA, and with Dr. Wily, he can't help but reveal to the world IN EVERY GAME that he's the one behind everything. What these two guys do is bring the newsflash that "you can't not be ready for!"

Obviously this is fanart and is © The Brothers Chaps and MegaMan is © Capcom. I think that's pretty obvious.
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